Jui Residences Built on Former National Aerated Company

Jui residences are a state of the art piece of real estate properties which are situated in the Serangoon road. The prime real estate development project is carried out by the critically acclaimed developer, Selangor Dredging Berhad, popularly known as SDB. The land as under much heated bidding wars, as various prime land developers and contractors wanted a piece of the illustrious land. Despite all this, Serhad Dredging came out on top to win the land’s bid for a cool $47 million .In order to change the land’s zoning to become residential instead of industrial, Serhad Dredging will have to incur an additional cost of $22.6 million, which will be paid to the government for the necessary approval permits. Jui residences will become a much sought residential area due its location and access to various essential facilities.

Jui Residences Built on Former National Aerated Company

Jui residences have been designed and development with a leaf borrowed from National Aerated Co. Ltd, from which it draws its inspiration. One can clearly see the art décor that is engraved in the residence’s balconies, and the podiums. The residences are built on land of the National aerated water company’s land, whose operations ceased to continue during the nineties. The residences contain a guard house, tennis court, an indoor gym, a swimming pool and a children’s playground.

For instance, the residences will enable owners to access the major roads. This is due to its convenient location to the Central expressway and the Pan Island Expressway. Car owners will have an easy time going to places such as the Woodlands, Orchard, Changi airport and also the Juarong Central business district.
Secondly, the residences are adjacent to a variety of shopping centers as well as food outlets locates at the Moonstone lane. The residences are located near the venue Shoppes as well as the Poiz centre. This will enable residents to easily shop for their needed items easily.

Educational Institutions Near to Jui Residences

The Jui residences are also surrounded by various educational institutions to enable residents to take their children and also themselves to acquire some skills. For instance, the Saint Andrew’s college is situated near the residence, and it is the leading institution in Cambridge GCE advanced level of exams. In addition, it is an Anglican-based school whose core values are an essential part of the learners’ education. The school also has a daily routine of reading the bible.
Cedar girl’s secondary school is also located near the residences. It is one of the best schools in the country in terms of quality education provision. It has a fantastic program which consists of an integrated constituent that can result to a Baccalaureate diploma, popularly known as the A levels. In addition, it has a spectacular reputation when it comes to sporting activities in major competitive games. It also has a calm and serene environment that promotes effective learning.

Jui Residences Near to Kallang Park Connector

Jui residences are also linked with the Kallang park connector network. This is an extensive 9 km architectural structure which connects the residences to places such as the Singapore sports hub. The residences also consist of a wading pool, a pool deck, an aqua fitness service area and an area specifically put aside for a viewing deck. In addition, the area also has seating arrangements to enable one to comfortably enjoy the view that the Kallang River provides. One will experience a tropic sensation as the area also has an oasis-like painting that sets the mood for a relaxing time. Interested investors should do their due diligence and inquire with property banks to guarantee the availability of funds to facilitate purchases. Moreover, local banks should be contacted for purposes of necessary calculations involving the finances of the acquisition transactions. The showflat of the residence will attract no charges for tickets and the touring of the residences shall be free of charge.

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