Jade Scape Qingjian Shunfu Ville Condo Singapore

Qingjian Realty, a renowned Singaporean developer has developed the latest condominium named Jade scape which is established at the prime area of Shunfu Road which is approximately two hundred metres away from the famous Marymount MRT Station. The Jade Scape Shunfu Ville comprises of a number of amenities which are there for the residents. There are approximately 1,100 units and each unit comprises of the total area of 1,000 sqft. The Jade scape also provides the residents with overwhelming swimming experience with a 50m full size swimming pool. All these amenities made the establishment more lucrative and eye-catching.

Qingjian Realty Shunfu Ville Enbloc Condo

There are various other facilities which are also available at the condominium such as for the health and fitness of the residents and for the routine exercises of the residents there is available indoor gym. The other major amenities comprises of the tennis court where there are also available personal tennis coaching sessions for the residents. The Jade Space is another major condominium after the establishment of the Woodleigh Residences which is located just beside the Woodleigh MRT Station. There are 680 units which is almost half in comparison of the Jade Space.

Jade Scape Qingjian Shunfu Ville Condo Singapore

Since the year 2007, the Jade Scape is in highlights because of the forecasts that the project will lead to the highest number of sales. The project was sold to Qingjian Realty by signing a collective sale agreement. The Jade Scape projects is considered as one of the most lucrative and return yielding project for the developers as it comprises of 1000 units. The condominium comprises of the smart apartments where there will be digital platforms for accessing the various amenities being available in the condominium. The MRT Station si one of the prime locations of Singapore which attract the visitors and individuals. The distance of just 200 metres is one of the key advantages for Jade Scape as a residential condominium as it is highly convenient for the residents to travel to the various regions of the city. It also makes feasible for the parents to easily make their children board and travel to their schools and institutes.

Jadescape Enbloc Near to Marymount MRT Station

Shopping for the daily articles and various other products is also one of the major needs of the residents. Jade Scape is located just near to the Thomson Plaza which is a renowned shopping centre which is just a few minutes’ walk away. There are still various plans which are in progress for the successful building and selling of the luxurious property. A number of considerations will be made regarding the floor and the site plan. The developers also rejoice that the location selected for the establishment of the Jade Space is one of the strategic locations which has a number of developments nearby such as the MRT Station, various shopping centres, schools and institutes, Food Centre, etc. Some of the famous schools or institutes comprise of the Catholic High School, Raffles Institution Junior College, Raffles Institution Secondary School, etc. Thus, all such developments increase the popularity and demand for the Jade Space condominium.

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