Choa Chu Kang Town

You might have heard about this area in the past. It is a popular residential area located in the North-West part of Singapore. It is good to keep in mind that this town borders Bukit Batok to the southeast. Do you know that this town is separated into two potions? Can we trace the origin of this town? Housing and development board has been planning to develop this town into a modern township.

What does this town comprise of? It boasts of seven subzones. People prefer living in 5 of these subzones. If you have toured these subzones recently, you can agree with me that indeed they are densely populated.

History of Choa Chu Kang Town

This area has numerous rubber plantations. Which was the most common mode of transport in this area? In the early days, residents preferred using boats as a mean of transport. It is good to know that most of the people in this area practiced farming. Pepper was the most grown crop in this area. After many years, they realized that pineapple would thrive better than pepper. That is when they started growing pineapples in large plantations.

By 1930, there were already established farmers who had amicable farming skills. As a result of that, large coconut plantations and vegetable farms were all over. By then, there were multiple wildlife species such as tigers. Actually, the very last tiger was killed around 1930. After further consultation, the government saw that there was a need to demolish all three phases. People agreed that the phases should be replaced by the National Shooting Centre. Have you ever heard about the cemetery north? This area has been under the army for very many years.

More residents at Choa Chu Kang Town

Are you sure that this town was built by simply expanding a nearby estate? After that, the administration started using this name to a much larger area. The ward was applied to the larger northwest area of the country. There was growing demand on redrawing boundaries. This was followed by subsequent alteration of boundaries. The new boundaries meant that the neighborhood would be 5 and 6.

Education Institutions Near to Choa Chu Kang Town

When it comes to the education sector, there are about eight primary schools in this area. This is a good number compared to other areas in Singapore. The latest education facility was completed in 2010. Public transport has been the most preferred mean of transport for the last couple of years. Using public transport reduces traffic congestion.

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