Amber 45 Freehold Development at 112 Katong Shopping Centre

Real estate development is a flourishing industry that is supported by the ever increase in population. For that reason, investing in a property developed or in property development is one of the few certain ways to guarantee you a return on investment. There are a number of real estate developers or developed real estates that are available for you in the market. One company synonymous with developing real estates in Singapore is the UOL Group. At present there are plans for the group to develop Amber 45 freehold development.

Amber 45 Freehold Development Amber Road

Unlike a leasehold land, a freehold property/land is literally “free from hold” of any other person or party besides the titleholder. This makes a freehold property transaction not to require permission from the state, means less paperwork, and such a preference for many investors even if it is extra expensive.

The locational district of the Amber 45 UOL Development is District 45.The site area and the Gross floor area are 69,858 sqft and 146,701 sqft respectively. The number of units to be put up is 190 units. On the matter to do with the number of blocks and that of storeys, it is still a pending decision subject to advice from the appropriate entity. The development is also near to 112 Katong Shopping Centre

Amber 45 UOL Development 112 Katong Shopping Centre

The locational area of any development is often influenced by a number of factors which may include; the availability of market, the transport and communication infrastructure, social infrastructure and other physical amenities including water, retail shops, and electricity among others. The considerations for the location of the Amber 45 development project were not that different, if not the same. The development is sandwiched between two popular developments namely the Shore Residences and The Sea View.

In terms of social infrastructure, educational institutions to be specific, there is Tanjong Katong Girl’s School, Canadian International School, and Chatsworth International School among others. For your shopping needs, that will be catered for by Parkway Parade, 112Katong and Katong Shopping Centre. In terms of transport, you will be adequately served by the Tanjong Katong MRT Station and Marine Parade MRT station.

Amber 45 Condo

The site plans for Amber 45 condo incorporates a number of important amenities. There are various facilities including swimming pools, tennis court, indoor gym, and BBQ and children playground. We all know how important the aforesaid amenities are crucial in terms of our physical exercise and also in our general development during our stay. It’s a great place.

There are a number of floor plans available for the Amber 45 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units to be built. This goes a great way in ensuring that you find a plan that suits your needs. One important issue to note here though, the floor plans available is subject to changes from the developer. The existing general guide for 6th floor and above units is that they are able to get a view that is not obstructed. If there is a need for the detailed floor plans use, you can get a copy through contact of Amber 45 freehold development.

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