Attributes of Piermont Grand as a Great Executive Condominium

Piermont grand is a property of the City Development Limited (CDL). CDL is among the most reputable real estate development, management, and investment companies within Singapore. This company has more than five hundred group companies distributed in 29 different countries worldwide. CDL projects include building residential apartments, offices, malls, service apartments and hotels which are either held or sold as an investment to the company. The latest project development by CDL is the Piermont Grand EC located at Sumang Walk within District 19 Punggol. Piermont Grand project covers an area of 873,378 sqft.

Attributes of Piermont Grand as a Great Executive Condominium

Punggol Waterway District is the Singapore Government focus to make it a digital district. The master plan is already designed with the government ready to introduce more amenities at Punggol town. Heritage trail which will be built along the old Punggol road near Piermont grand is among the project to be set at Punggol. The heritage trail is expected to have a 10-meter green buffering zone on its way. Punggol Town Hub (PTH) is a project expected to be complete by 2021. Under this development, both visitors and residents will be able to get easy access to the seafront. PTH will feature a library, hawking Centre and other social amenities.

Piermont Grand Served by Great Public Transport Amenities

Piermont Grant is well served by public transport as it is near to two MRT stations. On the North-South line is the Somerset station which is just 11 to 12 minutes’ walk. The second station is the Great World Station which is expected to be completed by 2021. Piermont grand is located in close proximity to elite schools and other educational institutions. The River Valley Primary school is located 1km away from Piermont Grand. This is a school is highly rated and is convenient for families with young children. Chatsworth international, Orchard Campus located at Cairnhill is a higher level of learning institution.

Piermont Grand CDL Located Close to Shopping Malls

Piermont grand is located close to shopping malls for your shopping needs. The ION Orchard is an upscale mall located along Orchard Road. The mall features over 300 retail and lifestyle stores from which you can do all your shopping. Piermont Grand is also located near various country clubs which offer platforms for individuals to meet and have fun. Facilities such as swimming, Golf course, and function rooms are also available within these country clubs.

Piermont Grand is the place where you as an investor or an individual should look at. With all these features and many more developments to come it should probably be your next destination. When at Piermont grand you will possibly have everything to enjoy, the infrastructure, schooling, and all the recreational sites.

Bukit Timah Collection at Bukit Timah Road Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah Collection is a new, wholly owned property situated in Bukit Timah and made by Allgreen Properties. It is the initial Royalville Enbloc that was sold successfully to Allgreen Properties. Collective selling represents a timely project for developers to acquire wholly owned land in the luxury real estate market. The Bukit Timah Collection is situated in the Bukit Timah, which was a traditional residential place. Bukit Timah Condo is a unique project once completed, and the project site is only minutes away from the MRT station.

Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah Collection Bukit Timah Road Allgreen Properties has complete and unique facilities, including a guard house, a club, a covered gym, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a barbecue, and a playground. The apartment facilities offer complete family entertainment for your family and your loved ones. Immerse yourself in a peaceful and peaceful lifestyle in the heart of Temah Bukit. Bukit Timah, The set of former Royalville sites on a wholly owned land, represents a timely project for Allgreen Properties, which seeks to renovate its banks. Most of the launches have been developed recently for 99 years, and this free project will provide an opportunity for buyers looking for wholly-owned land situated at Dunn Road and Phuket Time.

Bukit Timah Collection near to Bukit Timah Road

Sixth Avenue is a mixed project situated along Bukit Timah Road, next to the Bukit Timah Collection. It is a mixture of business units situated on the first floor of the project. Sixth Avenue Center will be the perfect business choice for your daily needs on the property of the Bukit Timah Collection, situated right next to the project.

Bukit Timah Collection Near to Sixth Avenue Centre

Bukit Timah is one of the most famous leisure and gastronomy destinations in Singapore, as well as many outdoor activities during family time. Situated in the lush forest of Bukit Timah, The Grandstand has a common area of 1 M square feet. It is the preferred shopping destination for the residents of Bukit Timah, where there are many parking spots available. For those who do not drive, The Grandstand can be easily accessed through the Sixth Avenue subway station on the downtown line. There is a bus facility that takes visitors from the Clementi, King Albert Park, Bukit Tima district to The Grandstand.

Six Avenue Site Center
Sixth Avenue Center has a business complex in the Bukit Timah area, right next to a bus stop and the subway station. Traveling to Sixth Avenue Center is convenient and does not take long. Some of the tenants at the Sixth Avenue Center include The Tea Party. It is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet meal or relax with a cup of coffee with your friends and family.

Juniper Hill Condo Bukit Timah Allgreen Properties

Juniper Hill is a residence located in Bukit Timah. It’s a property of Allgreen properties. Juniper Hill is a modern residence located at the city helm at the center of amenities and many shopping centers that will probably improve the resident’s levity. It’s a residence which has well-furnished features which will give you the elite lifestyle. It has modern and top-class facilities offering resident mind-blowing entertainment throughout. These lethal facilities include guard&club houses, conference facility, modern fitness center, an indoor swimming pool as well as childrens playground just naming a few.

Juniper Hill Located at Bukit Timah by Allgreen Properties

The buyers of these prime units at Juniper Hill condo will live a unique and well-decorated lifestyle in the city of Bukit Timah. Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties is tactically placed at the center of famous shopping arcades. The residents of this developed will enjoy convenient shopping right from Juniper Hill since shopping centers are next to it.

This will ease resident’s struggles juniper hill bukit timah condo of traveling long distances in search of their daily necessities. Juniper Hill residents’ kids will get a quality education from the schools located next to it. Top-ranked schools in Singapore are situated just meters away from Juniper Hill. This will enable kids to have more valuable time in their daily academic activities since they will travel less.

Nature Reserve Located Next To Juniper Hills

Bukit Timah Nature reserve is next to Juniper Hills. The reserve has wonderful species as well as amazing wild animals. Residents will have a golden opportunity to explore the reserve and meet the most famous animals such as lion, tiger, elephant, and other wonderful creatures.

Residents of Juniper Hill freehold will have the opportunity to have fun in Chestnut Nature Park as they enjoy Kampong Trailing. Also in chestnut Nature Park, there are many activities such as hiking as well as hiking that will make you remain active and have a serene environment as you walk around the beautiful park. You will also have ample time walking in the rain forest where you will have the opportunity to be taken to the treetop as you have a great view of macaques.

Horse Riding Near to Juniper Hill Freehold Condo

If you like horse riding, then this is the place to be. You will get an opportunity to ride the horse with a professional instructor with you and you’ll have the fun you have never had before. Stop walking up and down searching for a decent private living place. Juniper Hill is a place where your dream life is. The place is at the center of many nature reserves that will give you a luxurious and full of fun lifestyle.

Jui Residences Built on Former National Aerated Company

Jui residences are a state of the art piece of real estate properties which are situated in the Serangoon road. The prime real estate development project is carried out by the critically acclaimed developer, Selangor Dredging Berhad, popularly known as SDB. The land as under much heated bidding wars, as various prime land developers and contractors wanted a piece of the illustrious land. Despite all this, Serhad Dredging came out on top to win the land’s bid for a cool $47 million .In order to change the land’s zoning to become residential instead of industrial, Serhad Dredging will have to incur an additional cost of $22.6 million, which will be paid to the government for the necessary approval permits. Jui residences will become a much sought residential area due its location and access to various essential facilities.

Jui Residences Built on Former National Aerated Company

Jui residences have been designed and development with a leaf borrowed from National Aerated Co. Ltd, from which it draws its inspiration. One can clearly see the art décor that is engraved in the residence’s balconies, and the podiums. The residences are built on land of the National aerated water company’s land, whose operations ceased to continue during the nineties. The residences contain a guard house, tennis court, an indoor gym, a swimming pool and a children’s playground.

For instance, the residences will enable owners to access the major roads. This is due to its convenient location to the Central expressway and the Pan Island Expressway. Car owners will have an easy time going to places such as the Woodlands, Orchard, Changi airport and also the Juarong Central business district.
Secondly, the residences are adjacent to a variety of shopping centers as well as food outlets locates at the Moonstone lane. The residences are located near the venue Shoppes as well as the Poiz centre. This will enable residents to easily shop for their needed items easily.

Educational Institutions Near to Jui Residences

The Jui residences are also surrounded by various educational institutions to enable residents to take their children and also themselves to acquire some skills. For instance, the Saint Andrew’s college is situated near the residence, and it is the leading institution in Cambridge GCE advanced level of exams. In addition, it is an Anglican-based school whose core values are an essential part of the learners’ education. The school also has a daily routine of reading the bible.
Cedar girl’s secondary school is also located near the residences. It is one of the best schools in the country in terms of quality education provision. It has a fantastic program which consists of an integrated constituent that can result to a Baccalaureate diploma, popularly known as the A levels. In addition, it has a spectacular reputation when it comes to sporting activities in major competitive games. It also has a calm and serene environment that promotes effective learning.

Jui Residences Near to Kallang Park Connector

Jui residences are also linked with the Kallang park connector network. This is an extensive 9 km architectural structure which connects the residences to places such as the Singapore sports hub. The residences also consist of a wading pool, a pool deck, an aqua fitness service area and an area specifically put aside for a viewing deck. In addition, the area also has seating arrangements to enable one to comfortably enjoy the view that the Kallang River provides. One will experience a tropic sensation as the area also has an oasis-like painting that sets the mood for a relaxing time. Interested investors should do their due diligence and inquire with property banks to guarantee the availability of funds to facilitate purchases. Moreover, local banks should be contacted for purposes of necessary calculations involving the finances of the acquisition transactions. The showflat of the residence will attract no charges for tickets and the touring of the residences shall be free of charge.

Woh Hup Group The Hyde Condo

The Hyde, better known as The Hyde Condos, is an up and coming architectural building that is in the progress of development. It is planned to be built on the street of 11 Balmoral Road, Singapore 259796. It is being planned and developed by the group known as Woh Hup. It is in the district ten sector of Singapore. It is for wealthy and grandiose people, a new lifestyle for them to experience. It is all here at the start of The Hyde.

The Hyde Condo Facilities Available

It would have any luxuries person would desire including a guard house, indoor gym, function room, a tennis court, fifty meters size pool, a sun deck, barbeque pits, and a children’s playground. They will be including even more amenities for families and the children of those families. It was won in an auction by the group who is working at this location. It is in the heart of the city, so in or out of the condo there will be plenty to do. It is in a great location because of the markets, malls, and the MRT stations that are nearby. Such features include the Orchard, the Newton Food Center, and plenty of schools for the young learners. The Orchard used to be a simple road for the village markets and now it is a big part of the commerce and a wonderful feature for The Hyde Condos.

The Hyde Bidding Auction for the Rich

The developer of the Condos is the Woh Hup Group had won this land in a bidding auction and went ahead to develop it into a great area for the wealthy and grand. The group was founded in 1927, by a Singapore pioneer. The starting location was in Malaya and to the present day is the biggest privately owned construction and engineering specialist. The current chairman of the corporation is Mr. Yong Nam Seng, who believes to reach and go beyond what their clients are expecting of them. As an ever growing company, they do join in on helping the community and environment of their city.

Woh Hup Group Company

This company found it as a responsibility on the parts of this socially, culturally, and environmentally. They have awards and many excellent records that show their commitment to great quality and structurally sound work. They have earned over 300 awards in safety and building making is a total of 411 awards. The Woh Hup group also earned a 97.9 in CONQUAS Score Nationwide and was given 58 BCA Construction Excellence and Merit Awards. This is their 91st year of being open to this day, and in nine more years, the year of 2027, they will have been officially open and established for 100 years. Currently, there are 2500 workers for the company alone.
They will be giving the same great effort they have been doing for The Hyde Condos, they are going to get started working on eventually. You can actually go and register an interest in this project if you like. It is done by a group that wants only the best for their neighbors and citizens.

Riverfront Residences Hougang Avenue 7 Project Details and Showfalt

A beautiful house is what most people have always wanted to have after food. People work so hard to save more money for food and shelter. A simple hut maybe just enough to rest your tired bodies under it during the night. However, a good and beautiful house makes a family be called a home. Your house will tell people the way how you live and what you are as yourself. It may take a long time to have a good house. But nowadays, technology has a big part why it has become so easy for one to have a beautiful house.

Riverfront Residences Project Details and Showflat

Real estate business has boomed now in the market. Investing in a real estate property would be a very clever idea. It gives a win-win result on the part of the investor and the owner. Riverfront Residences Hougang Ave 7 is a real estate business which is one of those who boomed in. It continues to give clients satisfying state-of-the-art buildings and houses. Now, it has many partners in the business and continues to grow even more. Some of its partners are Oxley Holdings, Lian Beng Group, Apricot Capital and KSH Development. Actually, the development that Riverfront Residences Hougang has achieved right now is due to these partnerships. This business has amazing features that make it an ideal place to live in.

Riverfront Residences Hougang Avenue 7 by Oxley Holdings

Hougang Avenue 7 as part of Riverfront Residences Condo , is successfully developed by Oxley Lian Ben Venture. Up to now, the development is still continuing to improve its location near the Sungei Serangoon. One of the features of this business is the location of its condo units is even more perfect and very strategic, resulting in high appraisal rate. When you try to see the location, it is very near to Hougang MRT Station and the Bus Interchange. Another feature is its amazing views of the river. No wonder its name is taken from it. It is also near to commercial buildings. The location is just near to Hougang Mall which is a popular center for shopping and entertainment. Other malls near to it are The Midtown and the Kang Kar Mall. It is also near to a popular school in Singapore, the CHIJ or the Our Lady of the Nativity School. It is a girls’ school that provides the student a Christian education and atmosphere. Other good schools nearby are Holy Innocent’s School and Serangoon Junior College.

Riverfront Residences Lian Beng Group Singapore

It is mostly known to everybody that Riverfront Residences Condo when it is about property investment, Oxley Lian Ben Venture is one of the best. They offer various benefits for their clients and this made them very popular internationally. They have the good facilities that ensure clients they have a safe place to live in. They are best known for their good wiring connection, plumbing and roofing and all their modern facilities.

Their designs are spectacular for Riverfront Residences Lian Beng Group. They are very creative in the floor and site plans. They even design different cultural classifications. Their flexibility and creativity led them to be popular all over the world. People always want what is unique and creative when it comes to designs of homes and buildings. They always want is attractive to anyone who will visit their place. This goal has become the target of Oxley Lian Ben Venture and it shows how effective it is in growing their business.

Jade Scape Qingjian Shunfu Ville Condo Singapore

Qingjian Realty, a renowned Singaporean developer has developed the latest condominium named Jade scape which is established at the prime area of Shunfu Road which is approximately two hundred metres away from the famous Marymount MRT Station. The Jade Scape Shunfu Ville comprises of a number of amenities which are there for the residents. There are approximately 1,100 units and each unit comprises of the total area of 1,000 sqft. The Jade scape also provides the residents with overwhelming swimming experience with a 50m full size swimming pool. All these amenities made the establishment more lucrative and eye-catching.

Qingjian Realty Shunfu Ville Enbloc Condo

There are various other facilities which are also available at the condominium such as for the health and fitness of the residents and for the routine exercises of the residents there is available indoor gym. The other major amenities comprises of the tennis court where there are also available personal tennis coaching sessions for the residents. The Jade Space is another major condominium after the establishment of the Woodleigh Residences which is located just beside the Woodleigh MRT Station. There are 680 units which is almost half in comparison of the Jade Space.

Jade Scape Qingjian Shunfu Ville Condo Singapore

Since the year 2007, the Jade Scape is in highlights because of the forecasts that the project will lead to the highest number of sales. The project was sold to Qingjian Realty by signing a collective sale agreement. The Jade Scape projects is considered as one of the most lucrative and return yielding project for the developers as it comprises of 1000 units. The condominium comprises of the smart apartments where there will be digital platforms for accessing the various amenities being available in the condominium. The MRT Station si one of the prime locations of Singapore which attract the visitors and individuals. The distance of just 200 metres is one of the key advantages for Jade Scape as a residential condominium as it is highly convenient for the residents to travel to the various regions of the city. It also makes feasible for the parents to easily make their children board and travel to their schools and institutes.

Jadescape Enbloc Near to Marymount MRT Station

Shopping for the daily articles and various other products is also one of the major needs of the residents. Jade Scape is located just near to the Thomson Plaza which is a renowned shopping centre which is just a few minutes’ walk away. There are still various plans which are in progress for the successful building and selling of the luxurious property. A number of considerations will be made regarding the floor and the site plan. The developers also rejoice that the location selected for the establishment of the Jade Space is one of the strategic locations which has a number of developments nearby such as the MRT Station, various shopping centres, schools and institutes, Food Centre, etc. Some of the famous schools or institutes comprise of the Catholic High School, Raffles Institution Junior College, Raffles Institution Secondary School, etc. Thus, all such developments increase the popularity and demand for the Jade Space condominium.

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Daintree Residence SP Setia Condo

The Daintree Residences is basically a leasehold development by Malaysia based developer named SP Setia and it is 99-years old. The developer S P Setia sent the topmost bid of worth $265 million for this plot of land which is spread at area of 18,721.4sqm. Below you will get to know its project details and its exclusive facilities:

Discussing the location of this project, the development is a little distance far from Beauty World MRT Station. This latest condominium includes 327 units and it is anticipated to be started the following year and it would get completed in span of five years.

Daintree Residence SP Setia Condo

The best part of this condo project is that it would be a walking distance away from Beauty World MRT station. The developer has stated that all the residents of this condo would get to enjoy the surrounding Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as well as Bukit Batok Nature Park.

This condo in Singapore is unique in a way that it offer myriad of exclusive facilities. Around Daintree Residences condo, Beauty World Centre is a famous shopping centre which is situated adjacent to Beauty World MRT Station over the Downtown Line. The shopping mall is just a little distance away from this condo.

Daintree Residence represents a luxury area located just in the middle of the residential enclave in Jalan Jurong Kechil in Singapore. Located on the Toh Tuck Road, the Daintree Residence is not far away from retail and commercial shops, available for the residents to indulge in. Moreover, this new building is very close to the Signature Park as well as Hoover Park, so if you are the one who enjoys spending time outdoors, this place is just for you. Also, if you would like to go for some longer hike with your friends and family, the site at 5 Toh Tuck Road is very near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as well as Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Daintree Residence Toh Tuck Road Condo

Additionally, Ngee Ann Polytechnic is recognized as a famous polytechnic situated along Clementi Road and Beauty World. The institution has become prevalent among students of secondary school students who have finished their GCE O Level Examinations.

The Daintree Residence is very close to the Beauty World MRT Station on the Downtown Line and to Bukit Timah Plaza as well. For all of you who have cars, traveling to other parts of Singapore from Daintree Residence will not be a big deal! The Daintree Residence is located next to major main expressways.

Moreover, for car owners, moving to other regions of Singapore is extremely convenient because Daintree Residence is positioned adjacent to chief expressways like Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Hence, traveling to the Central Business District and Jurong East is a breeze for proprietors of Daintree Residence.

Daintree Residence Beauty World MRT Station

In short, this attractive and latest condo is a site to live in. An awesome and exclusive lifestyle waits for you at Daintree Residence.

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Investing in Twin Vew Condo at West Coast Vale Singapore

From many of construction companies in Singapore, China Construction is a renowned developer with many projects on their name; China Construction, with their high quality construction, leads many of Singapore’s leading residential projects. Over the years, China Construction has been awarded 121 projects with the total construction cost of $7.29 billion, which has made the company a significant name in real estate and with their recent residential project Twin Vew, the company has continued to its success. Twin Vew Condo follows attributes of a good property that is located near to Jurong as well as the Jurong Central Business District.

Twin Vew Condo Investing in Property

Twin Vew Condo is a residential project with 99 years lease located at West Coast Vale. With the nature inspired living theme, Twin Vew provides a serene and quiet feel with its private residency at West Coast Vale. Twin Vew is located near the popular shopping malls like Westgate Shopping Centre, JCube Shopping mall and the Clementi mall with easier access to the public transports like Jurong high-speed railway terminus, Clementi MRT station and established schools in Jurong East and Clementi region. Investing in Twin Vew Condo might be a good choice for rental income.

Twin Vew Condo is a great deal for investors and residents for:
· Hassle-free availability of transportation
· State-of-art healthcare and medical facilities for residents
· Located near schools, colleges and Universities
· Shopping Centers not far from the site
· Dine-out places for families and friends to enjoy meals
· Community Centers and clubs
· Places of worship and entertainment nearby
· Unblock view of Sungei Pandan and Pandan Reservoir
· Located at private residential enclave

Twin Vew Condo Rental Income

Twin Vew Condo attributes is based on nature-inspired living theme, targeting the professionals and young families who work in Jurong area. The concept provides a calm and serene feeling for owners after coming home from daily work.

Twin Vew Clementi MRT Station

While situated in the private residential enclave of the region, analysts predict the average cost of Twin Vew Condo around $1200-$1300 psf considering the tender price received for the plot. While the other residential projects in the area are selling at the price $1100- $1300, the price of the Twin Vew Condo is estimated to be near this range, though the exact price is not decided yet.
Twin Vew have 1,2,3,4 bedroom units available with two types of facing, West Coast Vale or Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). With many popular malls in the area, the facilities like indoor gym, a swimming pool, tennis court, a barbecue area and children’s playground in area.

Situated at private residential enclave, with railway station, schools, colleges and shopping malls nearby, Twin Vew is a prime project for the investors and the families to a their dream home.

Amber 45 Freehold Development at 112 Katong Shopping Centre

Real estate development is a flourishing industry that is supported by the ever increase in population. For that reason, investing in a property developed or in property development is one of the few certain ways to guarantee you a return on investment. There are a number of real estate developers or developed real estates that are available for you in the market. One company synonymous with developing real estates in Singapore is the UOL Group. At present there are plans for the group to develop Amber 45 freehold development.

Amber 45 Freehold Development Amber Road

Unlike a leasehold land, a freehold property/land is literally “free from hold” of any other person or party besides the titleholder. This makes a freehold property transaction not to require permission from the state, means less paperwork, and such a preference for many investors even if it is extra expensive.

The locational district of the Amber 45 UOL Development is District 45.The site area and the Gross floor area are 69,858 sqft and 146,701 sqft respectively. The number of units to be put up is 190 units. On the matter to do with the number of blocks and that of storeys, it is still a pending decision subject to advice from the appropriate entity. The development is also near to 112 Katong Shopping Centre

Amber 45 UOL Development 112 Katong Shopping Centre

The locational area of any development is often influenced by a number of factors which may include; the availability of market, the transport and communication infrastructure, social infrastructure and other physical amenities including water, retail shops, and electricity among others. The considerations for the location of the Amber 45 development project were not that different, if not the same. The development is sandwiched between two popular developments namely the Shore Residences and The Sea View.

In terms of social infrastructure, educational institutions to be specific, there is Tanjong Katong Girl’s School, Canadian International School, and Chatsworth International School among others. For your shopping needs, that will be catered for by Parkway Parade, 112Katong and Katong Shopping Centre. In terms of transport, you will be adequately served by the Tanjong Katong MRT Station and Marine Parade MRT station.

Amber 45 Condo

The site plans for Amber 45 condo incorporates a number of important amenities. There are various facilities including swimming pools, tennis court, indoor gym, and BBQ and children playground. We all know how important the aforesaid amenities are crucial in terms of our physical exercise and also in our general development during our stay. It’s a great place.

There are a number of floor plans available for the Amber 45 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units to be built. This goes a great way in ensuring that you find a plan that suits your needs. One important issue to note here though, the floor plans available is subject to changes from the developer. The existing general guide for 6th floor and above units is that they are able to get a view that is not obstructed. If there is a need for the detailed floor plans use, you can get a copy through contact of Amber 45 freehold development.